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Nathalie Currie was born and raised in Germany. She became a certified Management Assistant in Real Estate and went on to university to study Business Administration. During her studies, Nathalie travelled to several other countries to experience different cultures and ended with an internship in the film industry in Chicago, USA.

After graduating from University, Nathalie's first job took her to Frankfurt am Main, where she experienced for the first time the advantages of living in a serviced apartment. Working in property management and the film business she got to know 'Mainhattan' and enjoyed the great city and the beautiful wine country around it.

In 2007 Nathalie moved to Vancouver, Canada with her family where she met Julia Cook, the owner of Vancouver & Paris Serviced Apartments in 2012.

Nathalie worked with Julia for that year helping with bookings, attending networking events, talking to clients, getting the best training in the industry.

A year later Julia asked Nathalie to join "The Apartment Matchmakers" and open "Frankfurt Serviced Apartments" to be the specialist for corporate and family travel to Frankfurt

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